These chaplets to the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph can be prayed on the rosary, although they are not meant to replace that time-honored prayer. On the contrary, the purpose of these chaplets like all prayer is to deepen our relationship with God through a greater love for the saintly members of the Body of Christ.

‚ÄčTo pray these chaplets on your own, please keep in mind you can alter the titles. In this chaplet you will hear and pray those devotional titles reflecting  pray those devotional titles reflecting their lives, namely Mother of God, Patron of Workers, Our Lady of Sorrows, and Patron of the Chaste.

Yet in your own devotion with these chaplets, feel free to alter those titles to, for instance, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Joseph Most Pure, Blessed Virgin Mary, or Worthy Spouse of Mary, or any devotional title that might help you. If you need it, pray it. Any title you need or desire is appropriate for this chaplet as long as it reflects and affects your wholehearted, healthy, and holy love for God, for the communion of saints, for each other, and for yourself. May God bless you as you pray the Chaplets of the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph.