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This Year of Holy Love is a daily meditational for one year on Paul’s passage in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Each statement on love breaks up into twelve points, which are outlined into twelve months. Every day consists of a brief reflection, a short prayer based on that reflection, and a Bible passage related to both the reflection and the prayer. Many meditations focus on the significance of Paul’s words, explore the meaning behind the Koine Greek text, and uncover the forgotten meanings behind English translations. This book applies Paul’s powerful passage in practical ways to help any average disciple mature in love, in holiness, and in a deeper relationship with God. 

This devotional guides seekers through a whole year of love, showing them new ways to pray and meditate on God’s message of love. Bible study groups and Christian education programs will find this text a dynamic tool to inspire discussion and prayer in their memberships. By keeping each daily meditation succinct, meaningful, and conversational, it is a book every prayerful family will want on their coffee table or at their bedside.